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Day 96 The Last Day in Jodhpur, India

June 24th

Japanese in Romaji
udaruyoona atusa ga tsuzuiteiru. Koko Jodhpur wa hikage demo renjitsu sesshi 40do. Gakusei no Fujimori wa "arienai" to tsubuyaita.

Melting days continue under the heat wave here in Jodhpur where the temperatuer can easity reach to 40 degree centigrade everyday. My studnet, Fujimori, said, "impossible".

Sonna Jodhpur kara Konban no sindaisha de India saishuu hoomonchi New Delhi e idoo suru.

We are forwarding from such hot place, Jodhpur, to New Delhi tonight by a sleeping coach train.

Just for your reference

Our Schedule
June 24 (Sun)
21:00pm Lv. hotel in Jodhpur for Jodhpur train station
22:30pm Lv. Jodhpur JN Station
Train No. 4060A, Class No. 3A, Coach No. AS3, Seat No. 33Lower Bed, 35Upper Bed, 38Upper Bed
June 25 (Mon)
11:05am Ar. Delhi Station

Genzai 7:30pm on June 24th (Indian Time). Soto karawa daionkyoo de Koran no koe ga kikoetekuru.

It is 7:30pm on June 24th (Indian Time). Big sound of Koran can be heard from outside the hotel.

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